Trailer Deconstruction- Genre: Drama


21st century London is represented through this film. (Violence and teenagers who live in council housing)

The realities and truth of living in poorer parts of London through teenagers eyes

Low tones of non diagetic music set the mood of the film

Upbeat tempo flicking from one clip to the next shows the fast pace and the buzz of their lives- like a rush from drugs which begins with a high but ends with a low, much like how the kids feel

Ratio of black people to white people is significantly higher

There is no initial equilibrium just disequilibrium is shown throughout the film- we can see this as the genre of drama is made clear in the trailer


A sequel to the film “Kidulthood”, the British Drama film follows the story of ‘Sam’ after he is released from prison, and how the lives of the characters from “Kidulthood” have been affected in the following years of “Trife’s” death. The opening of the trailer begins with the diagetic sound of Sam’s friend explaining how she wants to grow up. This sentence is used in connection with the title and is said in a sad way connoting the drama of “Adulthood”.

 The shot is a close up of her and Sam in bed, both showing sullen expressions and are sexually depicted. Immediately we are drawn to Sam’s tattoos and wound on his arm signifying the gang life in inner London. The editing is fast paced and the shots are cut very quickly connoting the thrill of the movie and the constant movement within it. The costumes used are mainly tracksuits and ‘hoodies’, representing the yob culture in the United Kingdom today and signifying the violence we see throughout the film. The use of hoods is seen to be worn by someone involved in crime, with the hood represented as a ‘mask’.

 The language used is forceful and aggressive, with modern slang or street words used such as ‘blud’ characterising today’s youth. The camera angles are used to emphasise the drama and the characters emotions with a lot of close up shots being used. The trailer uses pathetic fallacy to portray the danger within the city using night shots and overcast shots during the day.


-Low keylighting used throughout to connote the drama genre and to emphasise on the morbid tone of the film.

-Depicts the life of an African American girl who wishes to be white and skinny.

-Set in Brooklyn New York with shots emphasising  the lower class neighbourhood. Grey skies, graffitti and rubbish are established in the shots. Majority of the people represented are from an African American background.

-Slow paced editing at the beginning of the trailer connotes misery felt and shots of the female protagonist on her own connotes isolation. As the trailer progresses the editing becomes more fast paced involving the audience more in the film as there is the feeling of curiosity and excitement. Close up shots of the protagonist allow the audience to emphasise with her and explore her emotions.


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